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Grace and skin


I have been arrested by grace. In a way I have never before experienced or known. This is all so new and small, that I dare not speak too much just yet. But I am learning the way of thankfulness, thanksgiving, grace, living. Practice.
My first step, my first glimpse that something, Someone, wanted my attention-New Years Eve. The challenge to find that “one word” to define my year, my 2012. To be bold and blaze out this trail. To be seen. To succeed. But….that is not what happened with my word. Instead, through a post of a friend, a challenge to let God slip His word into my heart. …His Word… and would I receive it? Dare I enter into this open door of the unknown? Do I let this word, His Word, embrace me, carry me, love me?
Without knowing what it would hold, I said yes. Yes to Him who loves so deep. So deep that He got my attention and directed it back to His face, away from my own inner-gazing.
Beauty…that yes brought on another dare. The Dare to Joy. One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp. Brilliance. So, I count and am reacquainted with the One, Abba, who loves. I am learning that He is good. To give thanks….how I have been in such a rush. To give thanks. When I look at the simple beauty and when I look at the hard. WhenI look at my Joyful One’s skin-red and itchy-and give thanks…for her skin. We did that last night. A first. In the bathroom, putting on the lotion…holding her and saying thank you to Abba…who has taught us much from this skin. No more anger at it, frustration with it, desperation to solve it. But thanks.
And in that moment flooded peace.
She says in her book-“thanksgiving always precedes the miracle” and how true…for that moment of peace, of presence, was the miraculous.
What does this year hold? Him. Abba. I have no idea what it will look like, if all these goals will be accomplished…but what I do know is that I am pressing forward to learn this grace, know this grace, be grace. And I can feel the flourishing. This is my new beginning.