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Saying the wrong thing…


Sometimes I have to laugh at myself. I can be so passionate about my opinions and even though I know my intentions…others do not. And big thanks to facebook for giving me the opportunity to really stick my foot in my mouth more often-and more publicly. Just last night, there was a post in a mom’s group about whether or not children are manipulators at a young age (according to the article 15 months) and how parents need to meet this challenge head on before it becomes a serious character flaw. I happen to have an opinion on this that doesn’t necessarily go along with the rest of the group and I made a couple statements. Sigh. I also made the comments as I was going to bed and I was being too hasty about it. So, this morning I wake up to find that I have very unintentionally hurt another mother’s feelings by what I’d said. I still stand by what I said, in regards to my own experience and observations, but should have better qualified my statements. So, I apologized.

I wonder about altering my approach sometimes, though. I get really intense about certain subjects-food, health, nutrition, raising children, not spanking. And apparently I come across like I am yelling. Not all the time, but often enough. Except I’m really not yelling. Not even in my head. (well every now and then I am). Mostly, I just want to inform. There were so many things that I was unaware of and I am trying to pass along what I’ve information I’ve gathered. So many things hinge on just not knowing, that I feel obligated to educate. I guess I will have to take being misunderstood in stride. And seek to understand others, listen actively and move along.