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Vertical Gardening Update!


We love growing things!

My  Tower Garden…I love it! I am learning a few things from it too….sunlight is extremely important. So, I bought 2 grow lights….I’ll be sure and take some before and after pics. We also bought a snap together greenhouse and put it up last night. (when I say we I mean my husband put it up)

The Tower Garden that I set up at my daughter’s school is doing amazing and I will be taking pictures to post today.  (they have full sunlight)

So, why all this talk of vertical gardening?? Well…I have always wanted to grow my own food, but I don’t have any land, I want something sustainable that isn’t going to use gallons and gallons of water and I want it to be fairly easy-because growing things hasn’t really been my forte. Last weekend I was at a phenomenal conference and one of the speakers was Dr. Dickson Despommier. He is a professor at Columbia University. He has a book called The VerticalFarm, which I intend to read very soon. He went through his talk explaining that within 20 years the vast majority of us will live in urban areas and that the population will be very close to 9 billion-how do we feed all these people and renew the land? Can we solve both questions? Very provocative stuff. The answer is yes. And the how is through vertical farming. Through hydroponics, aeroponics, aquaponics and the right lights….we can grow the food we need indoors, on rooftops, and in some places entire buildings are being devoted to vertical farms. Because if you can grow up, rather than out, you save on land. And through these systems you recycle the water and nutrients, so it’s more sustainable and less of a drain on natural resources. It’s brilliant and it’s not something in the far off future, but is happening right now. Projects are in place, systems are being put into place to make this a reality and it’s cutting edge, and it’s brilliant.

How does my Tower Garden fit into this? It’s a smaller, home version. I can grow at least 20 plants and more with extensions, its recycles all the water and nutrients, it’s low energy  and could even be powered by solar panels. It’s amazing. So, if you are interested go check out Dr. Despommier and his book www.verticalfarm.com. Check out the tower garden site…Tower Garden.

I’m learning-I had to buy 2 new strawberry plants to replace the ones I started with, but they are doing great! And I bought a red beauty pepper plant to transplant into my tower.

*disclaimer-I sell these Towers because I 100% believe in the product and making good food more accessible to everyone.