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A Thought


I have been reading the Chronicles of Narnia series by C.S. Lewis to my daughter at bedtime. Right now we are nearly through The Magician’s Nephew. So many things strike me in this story. But just tonight, as Aslan was giving Digory his instructions to undo the wrong, I was taken with how true to life this book feels. Digory has no idea how he shall carry out this task. But Aslan tells him that he shall have help. It’s beautiful. It actually brought me to tears. Here is this rather weighty task he has to accomplish, given directly by Aslan and the lion already has his help in mind. He doesn’t expect the boy to do it by himself. It’s true in every story of Narnia. Aslan always provides the help and a way to accomplish the task. That’s a powerful realization for me. My task right now is motherhood, and it is not for the faint of heart. I feel failure or a disappointment in myself often, especially when I’m looking to myself to do it all. There is a way and there is help. Breathe. Trust. Feel the warm, golden breath of the Lion and take heart.


Real Life


This is my version of Five Minute Friday.
On a whim, or rather….because I want to be known and in a community of close friends, I decided to join the inRL in(courage) un-conference.
What is it? Women sharing their stories, their heart and then spending time with other women they may not know in real life to form a community.
The in person part is tomorrow. I’m pretty excited about it. It feel like a relief. I’ve been living on the surface for awhile and it’s tiring. So here goes.
I’ll let ya know how it turns out. The webcast today was so good, so refreshing. I identified, smiled, cried…all of it.
I’m really grateful right now.