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The RIght Thing


Wow. So nearly a month has passed-life is flying by! I want to share from my heart today…sometimes you just have to do what is right for you, even when it flies in the face of common sense or goes against the stream.

I recently left something I had been part of for over a year. It took me 3 months to get up the nerve to leave it, but I had to. For my own emotional and spiritual well-being. It went better than I thought it would, honestly. But the huge relief I felt after leaving and the peace that I have had since, I wouldn’t trade for anything. I know I’ll be misunderstood by some and that’s ok…it’s part of the territory. Although to be clear-I hate being misunderstood. I have learned that the more I try to explain myself, often the worse it becomes until I start to realize that it just doesn’t matter. I know myself, I know my reasons and that has to be enough.

So, for any of you out there today who are in the middle of something, you know it’s time to put it to rest-do what you have to do in order to love yourself and keep your integrity. You’ll be glad you did.

In other news…stay tuned for some really exciting updates on vertical gardening, a health and wellness conference in Phoenix and all that is good in the world of health and nutrition!