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Yesterday a little of the unexpected happened for me. I had planned to take my girls and their cousin to a new children’s museum in town. It was so hot outside-a lovely 100-that playing indoors was our only option. We stopped to grab lunch at Whole Foods. “Lunch” was a banana for 2 of them, a large container of blackberries for the other and a very large green juice for me. Perfect.

Once we arrived, I could tell that this was going to be a lot of fun for the girls. What I didn’t expect…..was a lot of fun for me. I don’t really play much. I watch my girls play and join in some, but I never just lose myself playing. I haven’t in years-since I was 9 or 10. Trying to hard to be a grown-up I suppose. So-here was my chance to play. And I embraced it. I helped my 2 year old collect balls to put in this contraption that blew them out. We made circuits with play dough. We ran around. But the most fun? We climbed all through this tunnel made out of packing tape and slid down the slide. It was HUGE. Originally I wasn’t going in. But my youngest wouldn’t go in without me and she wanted in badly. So, I obliged her and went in. And that’s when I realized I could play. I could have fun climbing around with the kids and not just do it because I *had* to. It was so.much.fun. The older girls went down that slide every way they could. Upside down, on their tummies, side-ways….all of it. I stuck to sitting. We had such a refreshing day. I’m sureĀ they we could have played all day.