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Growth and life


Lovely morning…..sunlight peering through rainclouds, dandelion tea in my favorite Van Gogh mug, Beatles  playing in the background and a plate of coconut flour pancakes with strawberries and yogurt.

My family has started calling me “Farmer Sara”. I am not much of one, but it’s a cute name. Watching things grow and develop this spring into summer is so fascinating. The tiny peach buds I posted a month ago are huge now. My tiny baby chicks (which have a monstrous learning curve) are getting quite large and live in their coop now. And my children-they are growing and changing so fast it can make my head spin at times. My oldest has learned to swim with the help of a friend. And then conquered her fear and went under water yesterday. My baby is now speaking with intelligible words and is very independent. It’s beautiful to see this much growth so closely.

Last week I went to visit my family “back home”. It had been 3 years since my last visit and I was long overdue. Bittersweet. Beautiful. Warming right down to my toes. There’s something about connecting with the people who have known you the longest that makes me feel right at home. I think even my soul took a deep breath and let out a long-held sigh. I learned a little more family history and story, with the pictures to go along. There is something about knowing where you come from-the good and the bad. My sweet aunt took me to the family cemetery. My family lost a baby sister at birth. I was so little, just 3, and was not at the funeral, nor had I ever been to the site. I did not expect the tears. There really aren’t the right words to do justice to that moment for me, but it was profound and healing.

I have this feeling that life will move so quickly this summer, but my intention is to slow down, enjoy the moments, soak it in, and refuse to over schedule. Life is too important to speed through it. The secret lies in the everyday. In the ordinary and routine, we become who we are as all the little things add up. I am here to love well.