Monthly Archives: November 2013



Last night my hubs and I got to go out for our anniversary (a month later lol).  I’ve been listening to Switchfoot for about 10 years now and somehow had never seen them live. So that is what we did. They were playing at the Brady Theater. Oddly enough there were about 6 protestors outside of the venue. It was quite comical actually.

On the walk past the walk past the line to get my will-call tickets, I noticed how young the majority of the crowd was. Lord help me, they were all about 15. But really? Who cares because I am there to see Switchfoot. 🙂

This particular tour, the band is debuting its movie Fading West featuring all new music from their album titled the same. I’ve always loved this band because you can feel the heart in what they sing. It’s been like a running soundtrack for my life since I was 24 (going along with their song 24) Thank you Jenai for introducing me to this band. Well, after watching this film I am proud to be a listener, proud to be a fan, proud that my girls sing their songs in the car. I love them more now than ever.

They came out to play after the intermission. And a lovely woman in the long line at the ladies’ bathroom thought I was having my first (not third) child and figured i was only 25-27. Gotta soak up those moments. She was appropriately shocked to find out that I am actually 34 🙂 Anyhow. The show was fabulous. They are just as great in person as on the cd, if not better. They put on a great show in a small venue. But it was so fun. I’m pretty sure I sang my heart out, cried a little and smiled all evening. The hubs is now hooked. Their album is available for preorder on iTunes for a mere $9.99 and 3 of the songs are available now. It’s worth it. Get it. You’ll be glad you did. I’ve been looking up their youtube videos to show the girls all morning.