Adventures in Sourdough


So…I have been trying to make my own sourdough bread. We eat it fairly often and I thought-“why buy it when surely I can make it myself?”

For those of you who don’t know me-I wanted to be a pastry chef once upon a time and I love cooking-LOVE. IT.

So, how hard could it be??? Um-so hard. I was not prepared for it. Who knew you had to feed a started everyday, or be super, excruciatingly patient while you wait for the bread to rise? I had no idea what I was in for. After a few very failed attempts…my starter is working, it grows, bubbles, ferments. It’s good. But the bread part is where I am running into trouble…the bread doesn’t want to rise much. Not enough for a decent loaf anyways. So, today I thought I finally had it-it was double the size!

And then I realized I didn’t oil the bowl it was rising in and probably wouldn’t be able to get it out after it baked. So I removed it to a pan. And then it fell flat. Ugh. So, I will try again-after I buy more flour….not exactly economical at this point. But…on the plus side-I found a fabulous recipe for sourdough pancakes. These are seriously, hands-down the best ever, fluffy pancakes! It’s from Gnowfglins and the recipe if for these crazy good cast-iron pancakes. I modified by making them in a regular pan. But they were still fluffy and really yummy. I added chocolate chips instead of fruit! *Gasp* it was so good.

I will attempt the bread again tomorrow….I’m willing to take suggestions on this and am contemplating trying a new starter too.


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