Monthly Archives: March 2012

Handy Resources


I love health documentaries! I mean really love them. Any new way of presenting the information that helps educate people and get them on the starting path toward wellness gets me so energized. So, I want to let you know about my new favorite…..


This movie was made by the same couple who produced Food Matters. (Which is excellent). This new film is all about the diet industry and some very practical ways to take charge of your health, well-being and weight loss. It left me feeling empowered, hopeful and with some new tools. They are able to keep things simple, which is important for people who are starting out. The BEST thing about this movie-it’s FREE to watch online until March 31st. You can go here 

You also have the option to purchase the movie and along with it you’ll get some great bonuses. One of which is a recipe ebook called Food Matters. It’s so great…there are a wide variety of recipes, easy instructions and simple to do. I highly recommend you take a look at it-Ill be using for my menu planning for the week 🙂 This bonus is only available until the 31st also-so go get it!

I’m planning to do a movie playdate this week and am going to use some of the juice recipes for my guests…it’s going to be delicious (and healthy).


My Gardening Adventure!


I have started my own garden! And I’m doing it the easy way. You see, dirt is not my thing and past attempts at growing food have not turned out so well. Over-water, under-water, not enough sun, too much heat, etc. You get the idea. Now, however, I am going to be a food growing genius. How? Well-with my Tower Garden. It’s this super-cool vertical growing system that doesn’t use dirt. I don’t have a yard-so being able to do something productive with my deck space is critical. We have turned this into a family project and we are loving it. So, rather than fill up this space with more text, I’ll share a few pictures to give you an idea of what we’re up to.